Insights—Community Associations

article image 2-15-24.jpgShielding Community Associations from Risk

February 15, 2024

The daily operation—the business—of most planned housing developments is managed by a community association or homeowners association (HOA). These associations offer numerous benefits to homeowners, yet the business aspects… more ▶

article image 8-15-23.jpgUnderstanding Community Association Insurance

August 15, 2023

Community associations—often referred to as condominium or homeowners’ associations (HOAs)—are a valuable component of the home ownership experience. These associations are tasked with implementation and enforcement… more ▶

article image 2-13-23.jpgHow HOAs Can Deal with Internal Conflict

February 13, 2023

Unity is essential to the efficacy of any organization. This is especially true for organizations such as HOAs that must serve the interest of community members with integrity and consistency. Like any other group, though, there are certainly instance… more ▶

article image 12-12-22.jpgHow HOAs Can Minimize Risk

December 12, 2022

HOAs must contend with numerous risks to their operations. Implementing a comprehensive risk management plan addressing potential losses and liabilities helps safeguard associations, their boards, and their membership. Here are some things… more ▶

article image 8-24-22.jpgHow an HOA Can Help Its Residents

August 24, 2022

Homeowners associations need to avoid a contentious relationship with residents and prevent incidents from escalating. Although HOAs should exist to serve community members, they must also issue fines and citations to ensure… more ▶