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Staying on Top of Cyber Risks

Our team of experienced cyber brokers specialize in understanding the unique challenges and threats that your clients face, while helping them navigate the complex and everchanging landscape of cyber risks and cyber insurance. In partnership with industry leading market partners, our team works with clients of all sizes to customize unique solutions to protect their businesses.

Please send your complete cyber submission to one of our team members.

Dave Perkins, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader
(508) 848-4263 | Send a Secure Email

Tim Bennett, Wholesale Broker
(440) 455-3881 | Send a Secure Email

Wes Benefield, Wholesale Broker
(817) 984-2312 | Send a Secure Email

Marla Timmons, Senior Broker, Professional Liability
(281) 243-5738 | Send a Secure Email

Chris Christian, Vice President / Senior Broker
(469) 983-7221 | Send a Secure Email


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