article image 10-6-22.jpgConstruction Considerations for Fall

October 6, 2022

Summer is the busiest season for your contracting clients, as the weather and extended daylight hours are perfect for outdoor activities. Depending on where your clients are taking jobs, there could still be plenty of work late into October, but there is a definite change in how construction sites need to be handled as the season turns to fall. When working with clients on their professional liability policy, you have an excellent opportunity to talk to them about proactively preparing for weather changes.

The Impact of Seasonal Changes

The landscape changes as summer gives way to fall, bringing new risks to manage at a construction site. The changes could create new threats of injury or damage to construction workers or the equipment left on site. It’s essential to review each potential risk change with clients, as they may be exposed to situations that aren’t covered by their insurance policy. It’s necessary to explain the difference between general liability and professional liability policies to ensure they have enough coverage.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

During the fall, trees go through a series of changes. At first, the leaves turn to beautiful colors of yellow, red, or orange, but as they turn to brown, they dry out and fall to the ground. As the leaves fall, they remove any shade the tree had provided to construction site workers. The loss of tree leaves can impact the protection workers and their equipment. However, falling leaves could damage mechanical equipment by clogging pipes or causing jams. Wet leaves also create slippery conditions.

A Decrease in Daylight Hours

Another significant change is the loss of daylight as the days get shorter. It can seriously affect a crew’s production schedule, potentially causing delays in a project’s completion. Even though some conditions can’t be avoided, contractors need to be protected from any claims of errors or negligence from their customers. It is an excellent opportunity to explain the difference between general liability and professional liability. Professional liability insurance is essential to planning for mistakes when working in construction.

Sudden Weather Changes

The weather can change unpredictably as the summer turns to fall. Construction crews must have shelter or protection from sun, rain, heavy winds, snow, and ice. Worksites need to be equipped with overhead protection to stay safe, such as a temporary building or canopy. It would also protect any equipment that needs to be left on the job site.

When you are working with clients about their need for general and professional liability insurance, be sure to cover how risks can change from season to season. It will help them mitigate their exposures and prevent unnecessary claims. ◼