Occupational Accident Insurance Could Be the Answer in the "Gig Economy"

Occupational Accident Insurance Could Be the Answer in the “Gig Economy”

The workplace in America has shifted in recent years. What used to be a fairly straightforward organization of employers and employees has transformed to a large degree toward on-demand workers coordinated by employers, staffing management agencies, and online entities. This type of work organization is often referred to as the “gig economy”; workers being paid by job rather than receiving an hourly wage, or workers that log into an online app or platform to conduct their work. In some cases, these employer/employee arrangements can lead to significant hurdles when it comes to a business protecting both its assets and its employees from liability claims. Read more

USrisk concert insurance

How Live Music Venues Can Minimize Their Risks

Large events such as professional sporting events, live music concerts, and outdoor festivals draw hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. Event promoters and venues have an obligation to provide a safe experience for attendees, and despite their hard work in providing security and hazard-free conditions, incidents do occur. In the case of injuries and property damage, the venue and event organizers may be liable for the costs associated with these incidents. Read more

Public Liability vs General Liability

How Public Liability Insurance Differs from General Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is a specialized form of business insurance, designed to cover the policy holder’s legal responsibilities in incidents or events covered by the policy. Business owners in fact have two major types of liability insurance to select from: General Liability Insurance (GLI) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI). Each type has its own advantages, and the experienced insurance agents at U.S. Risk can help guide their clients in choosing the right type of policy for their unique business needs. Read more

What Goes Into an Insurance Program for Entertainment Productions?

What Goes Into an Insurance Program for Entertainment Productions?

The entertainment industry faces many unique challenges as companies in this industry produce theatrical productions, films, and live-action events. The risks associated with the entertainment industry vary widely, requiring flexible and comprehensive business insurance policies designed to protect business assets from those risks.

Among those business insurance policies are those policies known as entertainment production insurance. In the entertainment industry, theater productions and movies, television shows, and live events depend on these insurance policies; in fact, many of these productions could not be made without a suitable insurance policy in place to protect the companies involved. Read more

Breaking Down the Difference Between Occupational Accident Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

Breaking Down the Differences Between Occupational Accident Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

Companies around the world strive to create safe, productive workplaces for their employees. Despite these initiatives, workplace injuries result in billions of dollars in lost wages and reduced productivity each year. To protect employees and employers from a financial perspective, there are several types of insurance. Among these are two primary types: workers’ compensation insurance and occupational accident insurance. On their surface, these two insurance plans may seem very similar, yet there are important distinctions between the two. It can be useful to understand the differences and to learn about the pros and cons of each type of insurance plan in order to better advise your clients, as they may not know the difference. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions in the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Frequently Asked Questions in the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide financial benefits to workers who may become injured on the job. These benefits include payment for lost income, such as when an employee cannot do his or her work and/or when the employee is unable to work during recovery from the injury. Coverage of medical and prescription costs are also commonly provided in these plans. The idea behind workers’ compensation is simple, but the system itself is filled with challenges and confusion. This idea balances risk and insurance. Businesses often have many questions for their insurance carriers when it comes to establishing workers’ comp plans for their employees, and it’s important to have the answers they need. Read more

Does Special Events Insurance Cover Terrorism?

Does Special Events Insurance Cover Terrorism?

Tragic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the 2017 mass-shooting incident targeting attendees of the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas have caused many event promoters to question the need for terrorism insurance. Terrorism is on the rise on a global scale, and special events represent a prime target. Read more

The Insurance Needs of a PEO

The Complex Insurance Needs of a PEO

Professional employer organizations, or PEOs, are a human resources solution for a growing number of small businesses in the United States. It is estimated that up to 16% of all small businesses utilize the services of PEOs in managing employee tasks, such as handling payroll and workers’ compensation, risk management, recruiting, and employer-sponsored benefit administration. Small business ventures, such as entrepreneurial startups, are leveraging the power of PEOs, effectively outsourcing HR duties through these providers. Read more