How Can Hotels Adapt and Book More Clientele Post-COVID?

COVID-19 has taken a toll on nearly every industry, but few have been impacted as heavily as the hospitality sector. The hotel industry post-COVID-19 is a very different landscape than the pre-COVID scene. So how can a hotel adapt and increase bookings in a post-COVID world?  There are many ways hotels are changing because of […]

assisted living facilities

Preventing Falls in Assisted Living Facilities

When considering the liabilities you need to address with clients looking into skilled nursing home insurance, advising them to develop a risk reduction strategy is best to minimize their claim exposures. Patient falls are one of the more serious concerns in long-term care facilities, and even minor falls could cause devastating injuries. In some situations, […]

cybersecurity threats

A Bank’s Largest Cybersecurity Threats

Banks have always been a dream target for criminals. After all, that’s where the money is. In today’s technological landscape, much of a financial institution’s operations now occur over the internet, creating a web of attractive targets for cybercriminals. Without cyber insurance and preventive measures in place, banks face an alarming level of risk to […]

trucking accidents

How Can Trucking Companies Prevent Accidents on the Road?

The commercial trucking industry operates over a million vehicles on U.S. roadways and covers millions of miles each year. Trucking company owners know this volume of trucks and routes represents a significant risk exposure. While transportation insurance is designed to provide coverage against operational and liability risks, accident prevention is a key component of risk […]

Comprehensive HOA Risk Management Strategies

Thousands of homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and similar community associations exist in the United States. Originally designed to help protect property values, these organizations have expanded in scope and purpose in recent years. Most HOAs are operated like businesses; as a result, these associations face a range of liability risks. In addition to community associations insurance, […]