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article image 11-14-22.jpgHow Valets Can Thrive at Company Events

November 14, 2022

Valets offer a valuable service to party patrons and other guests. When servicing essential occasions such as significant company events, valets may face enormous pressure to perform professionally and meet stringent expectations. A skilled valet will have no problem achieving this because a skilled valet knows how to provide exemplary parking and valet services. They also know that maintaining a high standard of service is particularly important when they are responsible for handling a client’s car. Valets of all experience and skill levels can thrive during company functions if they follow these four strategies for success.

Offer Parking and Valet Services With Professionalism

Professionalism is the name of the game when it comes to providing excellent valet services. Nobody wants to hand their car keys to somebody who seems to be in a sour mood. On the contrary, clients will want to receive a warm welcome and an accommodating attitude. The best valets can provide clients with confidence simply by smiling and listening to their requests. Professionalism is thus the most crucial element of a valet’s responsibilities.

Pay Attention to Detail at All Times

Even if a valet maintains a perfectly professional façade, trouble will likely emerge if they are careless in their work. Parking cars requires a specific skill set, and that skill set includes precision and attention to detail. If a valet is not careful or if they accidentally damage a client’s car, there could be severe ramifications for the error. Non-owned auto liability coverage may cover the damages, but preventing such incidents is vital.

Anticipate and Respond to Guests’ Needs

Guests often have special requests for valets regarding how the valet should handle their car or where they should park it. A good valet will comply with these requests, but a great valet will anticipate them before they emerge. Suppose a valet is parking an oversized luxury vehicle for a significant company event, for example. In that case, the owner may worry that a nearby car door will scratch the vehicle’s paint. A valet may offer to park the car away from other vehicles to eliminate this possibility.

Be Aware of the Liabilities in Parking and Valet Services

No matter how professional and attentive a valet may be, there are always risks involved in parking and valet services. Investing in general liability and garagekeepers legal liability policy can mitigate these risks, but a highly skilled valet is always the best defense against damages. Hiring an experienced valet can minimize the likelihood of damage to clients’ cars, and with less risk of damage, there’s less liability for an insurance claim. Valets should strive to provide careful and competent service at large company events. ◼

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