trucking accidents

How Can Trucking Companies Prevent Accidents on the Road?

The commercial trucking industry operates over a million vehicles on U.S. roadways and covers millions of miles each year. Trucking company owners know this volume of trucks and routes represents a significant risk exposure. While transportation insurance is designed to provide coverage against operational and liability risks, accident prevention is a key component of risk […]

Comprehensive HOA Risk Management Strategies

Thousands of homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and similar community associations exist in the United States. Originally designed to help protect property values, these organizations have expanded in scope and purpose in recent years. Most HOAs are operated like businesses; as a result, these associations face a range of liability risks. In addition to community associations insurance, […]


Critical Cybersecurity Statistics Every Business Should Know

Not a week goes by without news media reporting on another cyberattack targeting business data. Highly-publicized data breaches or networks held hostage have accelerated the adoption of cyber insurance across the business sector. As the economy begins its slow recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, cyber crimes represent a continued threat for business owners. How bad […]

delta variant

COVID Delta Variant: How Should Employers Respond?

In 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic dramatically altered the operation of businesses around the world, employers faced significant economic and employee safety challenges. So-called “essential” workers, such as those in retail, grocery, and restaurant occupations that stayed open during lockdowns, were at risk of infection. Even with the protection of available vaccines, the new COVID […]

valet services

What are the Risks Presented by Valet Services?

In the hospitality industry, valet services are often used to distinguish upscale restaurants and hotels from their competitors. Valets manage guest vehicles, eliminating the challenges of finding parking for out-of-town visitors or patrons. While this service can be a valuable amenity, it comes with risks. Hospitality owners know that parking and valet insurance is a […]