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article image 1-16-24.jpgShowtime Safeguard: Liability Insurance

January 16, 2024

Liability insurance in the entertainment industry is a crucial form of protection that safeguards businesses and individuals against potential legal claims arising from their activities. This industry, encompassing film production, live performances… more ▶

article image 7-17-23.jpgSafeguarding Film and Television Productions

July 17, 2023

For production professionals in the entertainment industry, film and television projects rarely run as smoothly as the finished product may appear on screen. To hedge bets against costly production delays and inherent risks—including equipment damage… more ▶

article image 1-16-23.jpgEnsuring Safety for Stunt Performers

January 16, 2023

When you’re watching a movie, the stunts that unfold onscreen look effortless. In reality, these shots require extensive planning, supervision, and safety protocols. Even with all these precautions in place, stunts can sometimes go awry and result in… more ▶

article image 7-5-22.jpgThe Insurance Movie Studios Need

July 5, 2022

There is nothing more exhilarating than the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But its allure can distract from the threat of liabilities that can plague a production. Indeed, moviemaking is a business like any other, which entails liabilities… more ▶

article image 6-17-22.jpgHow To Secure Your Venue and Minimize Risk

June 17, 2022

Whether you’re hosting a concert, convention, or company meeting, you need to be aware of the risks accompanying an event. The nature and severity of these risks depend on the kind of event, its location, and many other unique factors, but… more ▶

article image 5-16-22.jpgThe Benefits of Special Event Insurance

May 16, 2022

Whether you specialize in professional liability insurance or another type of insurance, there’s a chance some clients might ask you about how to insure their upcoming special event. Events such as weddings, family reunions… more ▶

articles image_0039_71.jpgRisk Management Advice for Festivals

May 14, 2019

Across the country each year, festivals bring together hundreds of thousands of people. These festivals can take any number of forms and can include musical performances, arts and crafts, sports, or thrilling spectacles. For the organizers of these festivals… more ▶

articles image_0036_74.jpgThe Greatest Risks Currently Facing the Entertainment Industry

April 9, 2019

The entertainment industry is a dynamic place, with diverse projects and aspects that are continually changing. The industry aims to provide inspiration, amusement, and enjoyment to millions of people each year; from movie productions to live… more ▶

articles image_0033_77.jpgUnderstanding the Liabilities That Come with Event Security

March 5, 2019

Event producers and venue owners know that there are many planning steps in pulling off a successful and safe event. Whether the event is a concert, a street festival, or an athletic competition, many aspects must work together to ensure adequate crowd control… more ▶

articles image_0032_78.jpgConcert Risk Management: Establishing Crowd Control

February 19, 2019

For concert promoters and venue owners, event management is a complex process. To pull off a successful and safe event, the process begins with effective crowd management. Crowd control can be a make-or-break component of events, including concerts… more ▶

articles image_0030_80.jpgCan Event Insurance Policies Cover Acts of Terrorism?

January 22, 2019

Around the world, events bring people together. Whether these events are a professional sports game, a music festival, or a live art performance, large crowds can be expected. As such, these special events may be a target for acts of terrorism… more ▶

articles image_0018_92.jpgThe Most Common Occupational Hazards on Film Productions

August 30, 2018

Film and television production sets are often chaotic places, with dozens or even hundreds of people working together to create a memorable shot. Film sets typically include heavy set pieces and props; in a production for the iconic Star Wars franchise… more ▶

articles image_0017_93.jpgHow Film Productions Can Avoid Copyright and Other Suits

August 28, 2018

The world of film production is a chaotic one, with millions of dollars in budgets for individual film projects, thousands of cast members and behind-the-scenes staff, and seemingly endless sources of liability. Movie and television producers have had to fight… more ▶

articles image_0013_97.jpgWho Stands Liable for Concert or Event Injuries?

July 19, 2018

Around the world, millions of people attend events like concerts, music festivals, fairs, and theater performances. The overwhelming majority of these events take place without incident, but there have been times when tragedy makes an appearance. Highly publicized… more ▶

articles image_0010_100.jpgNo-Shows: Why Entertainment Insurance Is Necessary

June 28, 2018

It takes a lot of effort and creativity to arrange entertainment events such as concerts, films or plays. That’s why decision-makers need comprehensive insurance on their side should the event need to be canceled due to natural disaster, illness, or a… more ▶

articles image_0009_101.jpgThe Laws and Restrictions That Every Music Venue Must Follow

June 26, 2018

Running a music venue might sound freeing, but a few laws and regulations permit the age-old, long-hair-don’t-care environment. If you’re an insurance agent seeking policies for your music-loving client, you should understand the ins and outs of music venues… more ▶

articles image_0006_104.jpgHow Live Music Venues Can Minimize Their Risks

May 22, 2018

Large events such as professional sporting events, live music concerts, and outdoor festivals draw hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. Event promoters and venues have an obligation to provide a safe experience for attendees, and despite their hard work… more ▶

articles image_0004_106.jpgWhat Goes into an Insurance Program for Entertainment Productions?

May 15, 2018

The entertainment industry faces many unique challenges as companies in this industry produce theatrical productions, films, and live-action events. The risks associated with the entertainment industry vary widely, requiring flexible and comprehensive… more ▶

articles image_0001_109.jpgDoes Special Events Insurance Cover Terrorism?

May 3, 2018

Tragic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the 2017 mass-shooting incident targeting attendees of the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas have caused many event promoters to question the need for terrorism insurance… more ▶

news pic 2-15-24.jpg

Shielding Community Associations from Risk

February 15, 2024 | The business of most planned housing developments is managed by a community association or homeowners association (HOA). These associations… more ▶

news pic 2-1-24.jpg

Liability Essentials for Staffing Agencies

February 1, 2024 | For staffing agencies, where the intricacies of staffing and human resources merge, the importance of liability insurance cannot be overstated… more ▶

news pic 1-16-24.jpg

Showtime Safeguard: Liability Insurance

January 16, 2024 | Liability insurance in the entertainment industry is a crucial form of protection that safeguards businesses and individuals against potential legal claims… more ▶