The U.S. RiskPros Target Risks are:

Non-Profit Organizations: Organizations with a section 501(c) U.S. Tax Code, with total revenues of between $10,000,000 and $100,000,000 and a Full-time Equivalent employee count up to 1,000.

Limit of Liability available up to $5,000,000, shared or separate limits.

Coverage available in all states

Non-profit entities considered for coverage under this program will be in business for a minimum of three (3) years .

California based entities will have a minimum retention of $15,000 or higher based on the total employee count

Declination criteria: Unions, Homeowners associations, schools , governmental entities

Key Enhancements:

  • Consent to Settle Provision – Western World cannot settle a claim without the insured’s written consent
  • Claims Mitigation Clause – 25% reduction in SIR if listed conditions are met
  • Broadened Definitions:
    • “Claim” now includes:
      • Subpoenas made against the entity (as well as the individuals)
      • An extradition request
      • A target letter or Wells Notice
  • “Employee” includes Independent Contractors
  • “Individual Insured” includes members of the Advisory Board of the Insured
  • “Wrongful Employment Act” includes breach of any express or implied contract

Modified/Deleted Exclusions

  • Professional Liability – Adds a Shareholder/Derivative Claim carve-back
  • Prior Knowledge – Utilizes continuous renewal language
  • Fraud – Utilizes final adjudication language
  • Illegal Profit Exclusion – Utilizes final adjudication language
  • Insured vs Insured – Expands exclusion carve-out list to allow claims brought by:
    • Creditors committee
    • Foreign domiciled claims
    • Past D&O’s (as long as brought 2 years after the D&O ceased being a D&O)

NO Exclusions in the following areas:

  • Construction Defect
  • Builders and Developers
  • Written Employment Contract
  • Lobbying Activities


Santa Ana – (800) 856-7035
Blake Rea – Vice President
Vanessa Lujan – Sr. Underwriter

Hartford – (214) 265-4902
Gary Neidle – Vice President/Branch Manager


Non-Profit D&O Application (PDF) (109.3 KiB)

Non-Profit D&O Renewal Application (PDF) (83.8 KiB)

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